Quick Start


Install latest binary from here

Adding a site

Open Agit CMS and click NEW button.

Type your site’s name, and root folder path of the static site. These two configurations cannot be changed afterwards unless you modify ~/.agitcms/config.json directly.

Once you add a new site, click on it, then Agit CMS provides a file explorer where you can navigate through folders and files thas have .md extension.

Click PIN button at the very top to pin a folder or a file to left sidebar for easy access.

Integrated Terminal

Press Control + @ to open up a integrated terminal.

Try starting a server of your static sites generator.

In hugo: hugo server
In jekyll: jekyll server

Now your preview server is running on your host!

Modifying a post

Click on a markdown file you want to edit in file explorer.

Agit CMS provides a markdown editor with nice syntax highlighting and keymaps.

Type some text, right pane automatically renders markdown in a Github flavored style,

Frontmatter Editor

Click on a Frontmatter tab in the editor. Agit CMS automatically scans frontmatter section of your existing post, and provides a type-aware frontmatter editor like this.

which is equal to

 2title: Quick Start
 3type: docs
 4date: '2022-07-03T16:11:40+09:00'
 5draft: false
 6comment: true
 7toc: true
 8reward: false
 9pinned: false
10featured: false
11math: false
12categories: []
13tags: []
14series: []
16  - '![](/uploads/2022-07-03-16:38:13.png)'

You can confirm that for example, since draft is a boolean value, Agit CMS provides a boolean toggler for draft.

You can learn more about how to configure frontmatter language, delimiters and its types in the next page.