Agit CMS is a multi-platform desktop application built on top of Electron, which works as a frontend interface for any static site generator, like Hugo and Jekyll.

You need to have a ready-to-run static sites on your local computer, as Agit CMS works as a frontend interface for it.


  • Vertical split style markdown editor.
  • type-aware frontmatter interface.

Agit CMS provides a frontmatter interface which respects the type of each frontmatter property.
Above corresponds to the yaml below.

 2title: The Best CMS for Markdown Blogs
 3date: 2022-06-29T11:06:12.000Z
 4draft: false
 5comment: true
 6toc: true
 7reward: false
 8pinned: false
 9featured: false
10math: false
12  - Web Dev
13tags: []
15  - Agit CMS
17  - '/uploads/2022-06-29-19:53:03.png'
  • Integrated Terminal

Open an integrated terminal by pressing Ctrl+@.

Other features

  • mathjax rendering: $ a + b = c$
  • image pasting into editor
  • pin folder in the sidebar
  • custom frontmatter language(yaml/toml) & delimiters

Upcoming features

  • custom css
  • custom editor snippet
  • custom editor toolbar
  • custom editor syntax
  • custom editor keymap
  • custom markdown rendering
  • media interface

Agit CMS tries to be a customizable headless CMS.

Docs for older versions

navigate to https://0xsuk.github.io/agitcms-v${VERSION} where ${VERSION} is a version of Agit CMS.

Example: https://0xsuk.github.io/agitcms-v0.0.2-alpha