Agit CMS configration is really simple.

There’s two configurations.

  1. Global configuration: applies globally.
  2. Site configuration: applies only to specific site.

Let’s start with Global configuration

Global configuration

Navigate to Home (start page), and click on Settings in GLOBAL section of the sidebar.

Open Integrated Terminal with Ctrl+@

Disable this to prevent Agit CMS from opening an integrated terminal when ctrl+@ is captured.


Change zoom rate.

Site configuration

Go to one of site you added, and click on Settings in SITE section of the sidebar.

Frontmatter language

Define what language you use to represent frontmatter in markdown posts.

Default: yaml

Frontmatter delimiters

Define what delimiters you use to wrap frontmatter.
If you want to parse frontmatter in toml like below, you want to set frontmatter delimiters to +++, and frontmatter language to toml.

2title = example
4# Heading of the article

Default: ---

Frontmatter template

This one is optional but recommended if you want to parse frontmatter with correct types, or if you want to create new posts by CREATE NEW button of the Agit CMS file explorer.

Frontmatter template specifies what type each property of frontmatter attributed to.

This information is used when Agit CMS parses markdown and generates a type-aware frontmatter editor, or when Agit CMS creates a new post with default frontmatter values.


Let’s take a frontmatter below for example.

2title: Configuration
3date: '2022-07-03T17:52:46+09:00'
4draft: false
5tags: ["React.js", "Web Dev"]

When Agit CMS parses frontmatter and generates a type-aware frontmatter editor, it tries to find a type for each property of frontmatter.

If you set date property of frontmatter to be a type of Date for instance, Agit CMS provides a date picker in the frontmatter editor.
If you set draft to be a type of Bool, Agit CMS provides a boolean toggler in the frontmatter editor.

Supported types

Text plain text (ex. title: Configuration)
List of Text list of text (ex. tags: ["React.js", "Web Dev"])
Multiline Text text with multiple lines
Date date in ISO 8601 format (ex. date: '2022-07-03T17:52:46+09:00')
Bool true or false (ex. draft: false)
Nest property that contains child properties

Media Folder Path

Specify where you store media (image, GIF and so on) in your file system.

Media Public Path

Specify the url path media content is accesible from.


Suppose media folder path is /home/mysite/static/uploads, and /home/mysite/static/uploads/example.png’s url is

Then media public path should be /contents/images.